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To make a wholehearted, unconditional commitment (to some group, or idea, or plan) in contrast to choosing an alternative. It emphasizes a resolute decision (good or bad) in response to a choice.

This is a reference to the "electric Kool-Aid acid tests," which were LSD parties held in the San Francisco Bay area in the mid 1960's. Someone who was willing to drink the LSD-laced Kool-Aid had, symbolically, made a choice to join (if only for a few hours) a counterculture that stood against conventional society. Once you take acid, you're committed -- the trip lasts for hours and you can't cut it short or change your mind. Once you've drunk the kool-aid, you're firmly committed.

IMHO it is not about suicide: kool-aid isn't a symbol for poison.
Coach got his players to drink the kool-aid.

I really like Macintosh computers; I've totally drunk the Apple kool-aid.

That berserk guy who tried to kill people at the Tides Foundation really had drunk the kool-aid that the right-wing media were serving.
by LandruBek February 23, 2011
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A limited and perhaps temporary state of notoriety enjoyed by people, groups, works or feats that are made public exclusively (or nearly so) via the internet. The audience is of limited size, though their devotion may be intense. The "internet" qualifier emphasizes the limited breadth of notoriety in this medium, and its easy-come, easy-go nature. Internet fame may be contrasted with fame conferred by traditional media, which have relatively much greater access barriers and which react to change much more slowly.

An "internet famous" person might be deeply admired, but the total number of admirers is invariably smaller than that of a conventionally famous television, music, or film celebrity. This notoriety might persist: it is not necessarily limited to a Warhol moment of fifteen minutes.

This expression has a neutral connotation; it is not pejorative.
''You say Gabe and Tycho were at the 'con and you met them! SQUEE! ZOMG! They are so incredibly famous!!''

''Yeah, they were really nice, but they're just internet famous: my neighbors and relatives have never heard of them.''
by LandruBek September 29, 2010
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