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Noun. Used in name calling/Taunting.
Additive to the common insult 'bitch'. This variation is mostly used in a half hearted teasing way among friends (not unlike calling a pal and 'asshole ' or a 'cocksucker' but not having hostility or intent to provoke a fight or hard feelings come from it) I have not heard it used when addressing a woman. It does not hold the same force of offense as just the root 'bitch' does.
Two Guys playing Tekken 5:
(Guy 1 just won the match)
Guy 1: OH! You felt that, didn't you!
Guy 2: Bullshit! You just use the same cheap moves forever. Cheap cocksucker!
Guy 1: Awwww! You gonna cry next? You're just my little bitch maid.
Guy 2: Piss off!
Guy 1: My bitch maid is so sad now! Go soak you face with tears, you always lose!
Guy 2: What?! The rematch is starting now... What!?!
Guy 1: And... I'll just put my sweet bitch maid across my knee and spank that ass again!
by unslick rick April 4, 2005
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Verb (Patterned after Paris Hilton and the exposure of her sex tape)
To record- by video or still photos- sex acts <i.e.-shooting homemade porno> and either publish them on the internet or just keep them private.
Guy 1: What happened with Amy? She has nothing nice to say about you.
Guy 2: Its not my concern. She's crazy. She can feel however she wants to.
Guy 1: What did you do, man?
Guy 2: No, its reversed! Its what she WOULDN'T do!
Guy 1: Tell me.
Guy 2: Two nights back we were at my place. She starts sucking my dick.
Guy1: Yeah?
Guy2: So while she's blowing me I reach up and get the camcorder. I was going to paris her.
Guy 1: What, is she camera shy?
Guy 2 : Hell, I guess! She started to freak the fuck out and wouldn't even keep going when I put the video cam way. Uptight bitch.
Guy 1: Guess she was scared of becoming internet famous!
Guy 2: I guess!
by unslick rick April 4, 2005
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Drug selling slang (not commonly used):

A large centeralized hold of the substance being sold. The 'main supply' -brick\kilo etc- form which smaller amounts are cut, portioned down and sold off. What makes it 'da bomb'? Depends on the scale of the selling activity and the substance in question. This usage goes back to the early 90s. Most narcotics cops use this term too in certain metro areas (chicago, Miami, others) when asking lower end pushers who just got busted "Who has da bomb?" and "Where is da bomb?" also "who is holding da bomb?
Guy1: How'd you get so much?
Guy2: <dealers name> had da bomb.
Guy1: Where?
Guy2: I went to his motel room. He had da bomb. Just arrived.
Guy1: Yeah?
Guy2: So it worked out like that.
by unslick rick April 1, 2005
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Two sets:
1.(derogatory) A person who has become known for/through various internet related activites (e.g. chat rooms, IM, newsgroup posts etc) and is considered by others to be a looser yet considers themsleves and their conduct to be cool and thinks that they are apperciated by the group. A more accurate way to put it would be internet INfamous, but part of the charm is that it is a snide label to have put on you and sarcasm is found in its use. Akin to the the guy who is 'a legend in his own mind', he thinks he is hot but others see him as a huge fool.
2.To be known for being exposed (by self or by anothers posting)in sexually orientated pics or vids spread using the internet.
Set 1:
Guy 1: That asshole flooded my inbox with his goddamn rants!
Guy 2: Who?
Guy 1: (IF name) did. He must have gotten my address from the schools list.
Guy 2: I know that SOB, he's internet famous. Fuck him! Just filter him and forget about it.
Set 2:
Girl 1: Cathy is soooo pissed now.
Girl 2: What just happened?
Girl 1: When she left Rick two days back, he still had the tapes they made together.
Girl 2: Home sex movies?
Girl 1: Yeah, and he put them up onto the web yeaterday.
Girl 2: OOh! She is going to kill him for that. Seriously!
Girl 1: Probably, but she must feel like dying first. She's internet famous now!!
by unslick rick April 4, 2005
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