A feral creature that dwells within its room playing Xbox mostly a wild cringy creature it feeds on there jokes are retarded and so is it
The Maddox fucking ate a week old chip it found on the ground
by Fekin reatard December 12, 2018
The type of person to spend 10 000 on a computer to play coolmathgames.com
Did you see Maddox? He just spent 10k on a computer. What an idiot.
by Get sniped noob March 1, 2018
Maddox is a person who is bubbly and nice. they would do anything to make you happy. if you have a maddox in your life you are very lucky and must cherish them with everything you’ve got! they are insecure about themselves but will find the good in everyone but themselves. A Maddox is a very special person. even though they think they’re the worst person out there they are truly amazing. Maddox’s are cute, nice, sweet. and just flat out amazing. If you have a maddox in your life, cherish them. because they will not leave no matter what
That is a Maddox! They are amazing!
by Abby05 June 24, 2019
Maddox is an entertainer from Grand Rapids, MI
He is the best Drag King I've ever seen.
Thugging and Swagging all over dem clubs.
Holla at cha boi!
by Domino Marx June 23, 2013
The worst vowel movement that one can have. It stinks so bad that it melts walls and makes others come to tears. Can be solid or diarrhea.
After dinner, I took a Maddox and everyone evacuated the building.
by Hotride09 January 7, 2017
Maddox is a beautiful girl. She often gets told that she has a mans name, but she shrugs it off because she’s strong willed and ruthless. She gets all the guys and has many friends. Light eyes and blonde or brunette. Truly gorgeous and has a heart of gold. Don’t underestimate Maddox, or she will prove you wrong
Damn, Maddox is a hottie
by live your life, no regrets November 17, 2018