Intellectualization is a defence mechanism where reasoning is used to block emotions.
Mary: Hey Harry, i know you cheated on me with your cousin!
Harry: Mary, that's impossible. First of all, as "you" know, i always wait 4 days and 47 hours between two sessions. Relying to that factor, your subconscious makes this stuff up because you can't look different at the situation, you're in your period time. So, shut the fuck up and go get me a beer. <humming>* Long live intellectualization!</humming>
by call me devil July 28, 2017
Someone who has found something more interesting than sex and alcohol.
Parties bore Dan because he is an intellectual.
by Paradoxical Bum June 11, 2005
Someone that uses their mind and exercises their imagination often, and can be specialized. Intellectuals need not be advanced in the english language or literature and they may come from any walk of life; scientists, for example, tend to have an extensive vocabulary in terms relevant to their own field, while novelists tend to have a wider vocabulary in non-scientific terms. Vocabulary isn't the determining factor of what makes an intellectual though; it is mostly a matter of their ability to think, create change, and form new ideas.
Albert Einstein, Plato, Aristotle, Bruce Lee, Shigeru Miyamoto, Bill Gates, Alfred Russel Wallace, Alfred Wegener, Doris Lessing, Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul, Gao Xingjian, Vincent van Gogh, Richard F. Heck, Isaac Newton, are all examples of the diversity of intellectuals.
by Blois June 24, 2011
Some who is 100000x's smarter than you
Gretchen ((Frickin' Gretchen)): Cats or dogs
Me, an intellectual: Catg.
by Gayandnotokay January 11, 2019
One who sees the world as it is and doesn't let shit get in there way because they are higher up than the normies.
Normie: Hey wanna go to the party tonight.
Intellectual: My intellectualizational photosynthetic macomographocitical partoothinalicisanol kilimographic scale says nay to your option of oppurtunized setting.
Normie: Fuck you Dave
by Climminitary Studies March 13, 2018
1. A person who is devoted to literary or scholarly pursuits.

2. A thinker- someone who reflects and asks or answers questions involving a wide variety of ideas. Loves ideas, books and the mind.

by socrates. May 1, 2008
Of or being related to intellectual. The state of having high intellect. Ones way of being intellectual
My Intellectuality will get me far in life so that I can emit my knowledge to others.
by GuruMosh December 15, 2014