To keep things said in a conversation within the party being spoken to.
Keep this conversation insulated. I don't want outside people knowing what we're talking about
by Jñ30 December 27, 2015
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A glass or porcelain device used on powerlines used to keep electricity on the line instead of going straight to ground.
Insulators are what keep you lights on unless your cousin out east likes to shoot at them.
by Eian Greene June 04, 2005
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When someone (usually a carpenter) gets in trouble, they have to wear a bundle of insulation on their head a period of time determined by the severity of the deed.
I told you to put these trusses 24" on center, not 23"! Put on the insulation hat and get in the sonor tube for 15 minutes, you insubordinate bastard!
by avaraxus January 20, 2008
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The friend you bring along to parties, if you're not sure that people you know will be there. This offers you protection against standing alone on the side like a potted plant or being ranted at by drunken tax attorneys.
Steve: You going to Wendy's on saturday, i don't really know anyone else whoose going.
Freida: Yeah, me neither, i'm bringing Tom as isolation insulation.
by CaptainLemming July 26, 2010
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Cum insolation: The result of swallowing way too much gizz, caused by you thinking that it would keep you warmer during the winter:. Used as an insult to someones weight or sexuality........Alaskan bitches!
Cum in-so-lay-shun
"Babe, i can't tonight. I have some cum insulation in my ass i think... you wanna try anal instead?"

"That ugly whore has so much cum insulation that her belly buttonis lower than her beltline!! She will seriously suck your dick for $15 bucks!!......(Rachel)
by Demonicshroom August 07, 2006
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