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The fear of The Carpechure Effect or experiencing any subject or matter in relation to The Carpechure Effect
by ChillJammyTheEpic June 29, 2019
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A noun describing an event where clouds are in a formation as to resemble a tornado.
Guy: Look! It’s a tornado!
Guy 2: No way, it’s just another faltento.
by ChillJammyTheEpic April 18, 2019
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The process of either thinking too often of or over-thinking spiritual coincidences or emotions to where they only appear in your perspective from a technical standpoint like numbers and digits in a program where you know why you're feeling something so it stops meaning anything to you.
I had a bit of an information overload outburst but the situation still didn't make sense to me afterwards for some reason.
by ChillJammyTheEpic July 30, 2019
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A manipulative tactic/method used to indirectly claim it was not apparent to you that a third party was present during your conversation with yourself, and the second person. (Typically used to be seen as generally higher in most aspects as in, talent, skill, and morality. Or to lie towards the second person as to appear to think it is just the two of them talking.)
-While a third person is present behind person one (the manipulator)-

Person 1: Dude, you know, and I know I didn’t steal that thing, so just stop trying to falsely accuse me. We both know you’re just trying to get me in trouble.

Person 2: -Actual Confusion-

Person 3: Person 2, you lied about him!?

Person 1: Oh wow hi person 3 didn't know you were here..

Person 2: Wh- no!?

That’s rontoflation. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation to that then that person is probably a rontoflator.

“My friend keeps using rontoflation against me”
by ChillJammyTheEpic May 2, 2019
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A word for a younger sibling that will often falsely accuse their older siblings for either actions they did, or actions that the older sibling simply did not do, and will either always get away with it, or you (the reader) will get punished for it.
I keep getting yosteed by my brother, he’s so annoying.
by ChillJammyTheEpic April 27, 2019
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A manipulative tactic/method used in order to successfully lie claiming you only have the knowledge of what the truth is about the accusations of your actions (which in this case, the manipulator always claims the accusation is always false.) typically in a condescending manner, used to make the other feel smaller in terms of knowledge.
“Only I know I didn’t do that thing, but none of you will accept the truth no matter what I say”

My older brother always uses dipulation to get away with things he does to me.
by ChillJammyTheEpic May 2, 2019
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