33 definitions by ChillJammyTheEpic

A word for when you misspell something because the letters on your phone are too close together.
by ChillJammyTheEpic May 3, 2019
The usage of awkward and/or uncomfortable situations upon others to get what they want.
Awkention is unfair.
by ChillJammyTheEpic July 30, 2019
That feeling that something is going to go wrong any time soon while everything is going just how you want it to.
Girl: So, how was your day today?
Guy: Good so far I guess, just having another case of entemprophoria.
by ChillJammyTheEpic April 17, 2019
What u say at me?!
by ChillJammyTheEpic June 26, 2019
When Google Translate makes an error.
I don’t speak Spanish so my Spanish translations on this video got Paunified.
by ChillJammyTheEpic May 8, 2019
Usually associated with memories or dreams of negatives emotions and physical sensations, and could be classified as a phobia named Charpaphobia
The Carpechure Effect being where a scenario (usually fictional) is so intense and incomprehensible that it can give almost anyone aware of said scenario severe paranoia of it happening in reality, and even the slightest similarity to that fictional situation and the current state in reality could send said person with phobia into a panic attack.
Nobody wants to experience The Carpechure Effect.
by ChillJammyTheEpic June 29, 2019