One of the greatest human beings to walk the planet. He plays keyboards and drums for the band Foster the People and is funny and awesome.
“Do you know about Isom Innis from Foster the People?”
“Yes! He is the most awesome pianist for Foster the People!”
by Kiwimaster February 1, 2022
An innie winnie is ia dick under 4 inches, a small, little, tiny prototype of a penis.
Did you heard? Sarah had sex whit Matt... Yeah she says he has an Innie winnie
by Jess_stone;) December 5, 2020
where the cum goes inside an inny bellybutton when a guy masterbates.
Aw shit my shirt's wet, oh I forgot to clean my inny-puddle!
by ooohisdatabrownie?9 April 19, 2009
refers to a male reproductive organ when there is an undescended testicle; the reproductive organ of a masculine lesbian or the male reproductive organ that a dyke desires; refers to the reproductive organ of a hermaphrodite.
She has an innie penis.
by emnm1 December 10, 2009
Your trouble is you just need a little of the old innie-outie. (Russo, The Risk Pool)
No time for the old inny-outy. (Burgess, Clockwork Orange)
by Jean-Luc June 4, 2004
The Inny Clit is a clitorous that is non-existant! There is no clit at all, but in fact, just a hole where the clit should be!

There is nothing to work with, and you dont know what to do with it, cuz its not there!
Person 1: Omg! I just tired to have sex with this girl, but she had an inny clit!
Person 2: No clit at all?! just a hole?!
Person 1: Ya, just a hole.. :(
by Scared4Life July 9, 2012