Innie pussy is one which tends to keep the pussy under cover by its libia majoras.
My ex girl friend had nice tight healthy innie pussy
by Bulu Khan November 10, 2009
A circumsized penis that is usually pretty short to begin with, when in an extremely flaccid state (i.e. when thinking of Babs Streisand naked) the head recedes into its own wrinkled shaft producing a button dick effect.
Overheard in a locker room "Hey man what you got there? An Innie Dick?"
by derwentasswater January 12, 2009
A belly button that is neither an innie nor an outie. Innies are completely inward, and outies go past your abdominals (and are completely sick). An innie-outie is the most common of all belly buttons, and most people with this certain attribute are filled with contempt over their unattractive belly button. Like me. They also cannot get their navels pierced because it just wouldn't look good.
" Man, what the hell? I've got an innie-outie belly button, so I can't get a fucking belly button ring! Shitskies!"
"Yeah, Sha is super jealous of those Dantity cane girls and their hooker belly button rings. Bitch can't get one because of her innie-outie."
by ShaIchLuge June 18, 2008
A rare condition wherein the nipples, instead of extending away from the body, retract into the body. This condition can be cured by coaxing the nipples out using either a pinch or cold object. This is similar to an innie bellybutton except it takes place on the chestal section.
GOOD GOD! J-Laudy has innie nipples! PUT THEM AWAY!!!
by B-Wardy October 30, 2006
Whike wanking, press and hold in the perineum when about to ejaculate.This results in no mess as cum is reverted into the bladder. Posher than a posh wank
Johnny:Got any kleenex?
Bill:Sorry mate
Johnny: No worries mate, I ll have an Inny wank
by Bobisdabest May 22, 2005
Where you push the tip of your penis inside of your skin around it the skin around it closes over it. Usually done out of boredom or as a creative way to masturbate.
Joe: Dude, I was really bored yesterday.

Bob: How so?

Joe: I don't know, no one to hang out with. I was SO bored I started doing an innie penis.

Bob: You never were the best with friends Joe.

Joe: I know.
by Mikiflyr February 7, 2014
An innie winnie is ia dick under 4 inches, a small, little, tiny prototype of a penis.
Did you heard? Sarah had sex whit Matt... Yeah she says he has an Innie winnie
by Jess_stone;) December 5, 2020