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An infection contracted through sexual intercourse...
Twat was that? I cunt hear. I have an infucktion in my ear.
by Seth November 29, 2004
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When you can't stop thinking about how good someone fucked you in the past.
Example: I'm sorry but can't focus on my work because I got a serious infucktion going at the moment. Hopefully the Peniscillin will kick in soon and clear my mind or I may have to go Betty Ford Clinic to DeCockxify and finally get rid of this addicktion.
by HollyWood90027 December 28, 2010
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Man, I got a huge vaginal infucktion from my last boyfriend, what a dirty bastard.
by steve August 25, 2003
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Sexually transmitted infection, STI is an illness that has a significant probability of transmission between humans or animals by means of sexual contact, including vaginal intercourse, oral sex, and anal sex. ...
If you're going to have sex, there really is only one way to protect yourself from contracting an INFUCTION, and that's by practicing safe sex. Latex condoms will keep you protected against most infucktions.
by CanuckGirl March 08, 2010
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An infection obtained via sexual means.
Dude 1: Why are you wearing your glasses? Usually you wear contacts.
Dude 2: I gave myself an eye infucktion.
Dude 1: How's you manage that?
Dude 2: I was beating my meat and it got in my eye
by gwh1996 August 07, 2012
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