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It's a syndrome which attacks regular civilians as well as folks who have worked in the adult industry. Through adult industry business, media or socializing some people have become so desensitized to foul humor and obscenity that they can no longer recognize how offensive their conversations and jokes can be to normal people.
Out in public having loud discussions including the words pussy, dick, fucking, ass, anal, double penetration, hookers, porn stars, blowjobs, and anything of this nature would be considered a perfect example of a Porn Tourettes outburst.
by HollyWood90027 December 27, 2010
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Cheery farewell for when your friend is going on a date with a hot date with someone of questionable character.

Can also be used as a toast when heading out on a wild night out on the town.
When your friend is walking out the door you would shout, "HEY, break a leg, not a condom!" to wish them home safely.
by HollyWood90027 December 28, 2010
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A woman (or gay man) who has sex with multiple male partners.

I came up with the word by combining the words cock and commingle which means to combine, blend, mingle, assets in legal jargon. This is a true Leslie Original
I do not cockmingle, I've always been monogamous.
by HollyWood90027 December 26, 2010
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It's a polite way of saying a girl has a yeast infection in her cookie.
Sorry Cookie store is closed tonight because I'm baking down under!
Sorry honey no booty tonight because I'm baking down under :(
by HollyWood90027 September 28, 2017
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The cure for the common "Can't have sex now honey, I have a headache!" excuse.
Boy: I'm on my way, hope you'll be dressed sexy and ready for me when I get home.

Girl: Oh honey, I can't have sex tonight. I have the worst headache. I must be coming down with something.

Boy: Don't worry baby, I'll give you the proper dose of Peniscillin which cures everything!
by HollyWood90027 December 26, 2010
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When you can't stop thinking about how good someone fucked you in the past.
Example: I'm sorry but can't focus on my work because I got a serious infucktion going at the moment. Hopefully the Peniscillin will kick in soon and clear my mind or I may have to go Betty Ford Clinic to DeCockxify and finally get rid of this addicktion.
by HollyWood90027 December 28, 2010
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If his cock is your drug... then DeCoxify is what a

girl or gay man has to do after a break up with a boyfriend one had highly addicktive great sex with.
Example: I miss sex with him so much I might have to check into Betty Ford Clinic to DeCockxify!
by HollyWood90027 January 15, 2011
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