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Someone with lack of intelligence and a lot of free time, followed by tons of idiots on some social network, usually instagram. "Influencers" are called so because their opinion worths something only to primates with IQ lower than room temperature, therefore those primates tend to follow influencer's actions without thinking about it.
*Kyle JennerInstgram bio*

influencer, foodie, socially useless idiot

Kyle Jenner: "sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me... ugh this is so sad."

Followers: "Ugha Ugha ugheem lets delete snapchat because kyle said so ugha ugha"

*followers delete snapcat
*followers continues to drop IQ

*followers rape neighbours
by CawkReider November 20, 2018

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Usually refers to ass of female person with questionable morale, better known as whore or slut. Sometimes sperm garage can refers to that whore person itself.
*Situation one

Dude1 : "Hey i got some extra money from drug trafficing this weekend, wanna go over and spend it on sperm garages with me?"
Dude2: "Sure dad, i havent visited prostitutes since last week!"

*Situation 2

Dude1: " Hey bitch, wanna come over tonight? I want to fill that sperm garage of yours!"

Whore: "Sure baby, i cant wait for you to cum in my ass"
by CawkReider November 20, 2018

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