Impoverished; needy.
The Wall Street Crash of 1929 left many a wealthy speculator as indigent as the proverbial church mouse.
by Dangerous Dave June 8, 2005
-a term given to an Indian person who acts black

-a term given to a person who reeks of curry yet acts all black

-a term given to an Indian person who got serious inspiration from the Ugly Duckling story in childhood
Yash: Why does Ajit play basketball and wear XXXL size hoodies?

Tarun: He is a freaking Indiger

Raj: He can try to act as black as he wants but it doesn't hide the fact that he has a shlort
by notanarab November 20, 2010
indigenous nature, ancestral, that is within every being
I'm indig at heart, ya feel me? OWoooooooooooooo *wolf howling*
by SassmASSter May 20, 2021
Adjective of "indigent" (obscure). Sometimes used as a portmanteau of indigent and indigenous to imply indigenous peoples are destined to poverty by nature.
St. Mary’s Market is one space where African and Indigentous American women took agency over their lives during the 1800s in New Orleans.
by adager October 9, 2022
Slur for indigenous people that derived from the word “Injun
“You’re a dirty little indige huh?” - White boy at the rez party
by Korneerrr August 9, 2022
if this indigent
by November 6, 2020