Impoverished; needy.
The Wall Street Crash of 1929 left many a wealthy speculator as indigent as the proverbial church mouse.
by Dangerous Dave June 07, 2005
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-a term given to an Indian person who acts black

-a term given to a person who reeks of curry yet acts all black

-a term given to an Indian person who got serious inspiration from the Ugly Duckling story in childhood
Yash: Why does Ajit play basketball and wear XXXL size hoodies?

Tarun: He is a freaking Indiger

Raj: He can try to act as black as he wants but it doesn't hide the fact that he has a shlort
by notanarab November 20, 2010
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indigenous nature, ancestral, that is within every being
I'm indig at heart, ya feel me? OWoooooooooooooo *wolf howling*
by SassmASSter May 19, 2021
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