A casual American or Canadian corruption of the term "Indian", referring to Native Americans. The earliest Europeans thought they had landed in India and applied "Indian" to the indigenous population. "Injun" more commonly heard during a period when the term "Indian" was used, often pronounced in later years only by children. Not typically meant as derogatory, as American "Indians" came to be admired during the latter period of common usage. Rarely used today, if so used in a typically light-hearted if politically-incorrect fashion. Can be derogatory given intent and inflection.
by walkerny September 7, 2010
An American Indian, (or "Native American" in more colloquial English), as opposed to an Asian one.
He had surrendered, but the Injun horde paid this fact no mind. And following the ensuing massacre, the Seven Years War had begun
by Swagswimmy September 9, 2021
I was told this from great-great-grandparents, which I believe is absolutely the true orgin of the word Injun. It is not from "lazy" word pernunciation by trying to say Indian. The word Injun is a contraction from the word indigenous, and spelled like the phonetic sound of the contraction. So "Indigenous", INdiGENous, INGEN, INJUN.
Be respectful to Injuns, afterall they were here before us.
by Agent Ajax8 May 15, 2019
A very derogatory term used by southern whites against Native Americans. It is really a distortion of "Indian" of which many of these people are too dumb to pronounce, hence the word "injun". This word is to Native Americans as "Nigger" is to African-Americans. Also as "Honky" is to Whites. And also how "Chink" is to Asian people. All of this still goes on today. (Sarcastic Talk here> What a wonderful world!
That son of a bitch redneck called me a stinky injun, so I called him a "DEAD HONKY"
by bite me October 26, 2004
A racially offensive term for Natives of North America.

However, as Dr. Samir Patel affirms vis-a-vis people of East Indian descent, young North American Natives have recently reclaimed the term and use it the way our Black brethren use "Nigga."
"Whazzup Injuns?"
"Yo, my Injuns, don't panic, we got plenty o' bannock."
by Dr. Wei October 22, 2008
a carbon based life form that isn't quite human consisting of a curious combination of rainbows, love, and puppy blood.
shannon - "Injun... you're fucking crazy, i love you."
by Lindseebot March 18, 2008
A derogative slur for Indian sometimes replaced with dirty Indian
by Dinvaren March 31, 2009