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A church mouse is a meek individual who attends church regularly and frequently.
Go back to church you church mouse!
by lorietta August 30, 2006
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A dude that sucks another dudes dick on the down low and keeps his mouth shut about it
My church mouse sucked the pants off me yesterday but everyone still thinks I'm straight cause he stays quiet about it
by goody November 24, 2015
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Church mouse: Refers to a poor person or someone who is meek and quiet.
She is poor as a church mouse.
by XineZ June 11, 2018
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is when a fellow friend is wearing shorts (or pants, yikes) and sneaks the tip of his penis out the bottom of his pants..

used in the sense of a "made-ya-look" phrase
Me: hey guys, look over here!!

Me: ***"CHURCH MOUSE!!"***

friends" awh dude thats ratchet af
by buttsAU May 24, 2018
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