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Anal Sensitivity Syndrome

a rare but critical affliction where the anal nerves are overstimulated, causing pain upon defecation that leads to constipation, loss of appetite, and if left untreated, death.
"I'm sorry to hear your mother has ASS. My uncle lost his battle with ASS back in 2007."
by SassmASSter October 17, 2019
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indigenous nature, ancestral, that is within every being
I'm indig at heart, ya feel me? OWoooooooooooooo *wolf howling*
by SassmASSter May 19, 2021
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Spoken "inf emotion ality" but you hear the extra "r" so it's written that way.

Blend of information and emotionality.
Meaning, emotional information that is like coming in waves. 🌊
One Two Three, Flowin' with the breeze
Diving deep, In the sea
Feels like everything I see is a memory
Scarcity to clarity, I am not scared to see
All life has in store for me, Feelin' the most free when I let go with ease
by SassmASSter August 09, 2021
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