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1. To have a strong desire to go Indiana.
2. To have a strong desire to use a whip, find artifacts, and sleep with countless babes.
Dave - Did you see that hot Nazi chick?
Ray - Yeah man, I'm Indiana Jonesing to bust out my whip and show her a thing or two.
by Matt Kap June 12, 2007
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Taking somthing from one place and then placing another object in its spot.

Other uses- Indiana Jonesed, Jonesed, Jonesing, Indiana Joneser (one who Joneses).
-"That was the best Indiana Jonesing I've ever seen."

-"This isn't my beer, mine was full. Damn, I just got Indiana Jonsed!"

-slang. "I just Jonesed that guy!"

-"Don't hang out with them. They are Indiana Jonesers."

-slang. "Do you feel like Jonesing tonight?"
by Aus Kow May 12, 2008
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(V.) the act of trying to find something very hard then realizing it is right in front of you.
Yeah as I was saying, he kept indiana jonesing for the napkins but then he realized they were right in front of him.
by Cuzican777 December 12, 2010
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