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IU is a public school where all mediocre students in Indiana want to attend. Primarily known for its partying, IU is not a superior academia institution and isn't hard to get accepted to, or graduate from. IU is vastly inferior to the other universities in the state such as Butler, Purdue, and Notre Dame. Located in the depths of the Indiana corn fields, just past the run-down steel mill and next to the crime-ridden neighborhood of Pigeon-Hill, IU is a diamond in the rough for these uncultured mid-westerners."Btown" as the obviously witty students have deemed it, has more than enough to offer the simple lives of these students. Pizza parlors, K-Mart's and Target's (primary source for fashion), McDonalds, and of course Bars, line the single street of entertainment in Btown. This street called Kirkwood Ave is the Skid Row of IU. The bars in Bloomington are known for their very cheap, already cheap domestic beers, and the social scene that spawns loads of deep conversations about The Kardashians and last nights unprotected hook-up. Most students who move a quick 2 hours away from home, attend IU, and after graduation (if completed) move back to their hometown and move in with their parents again. IU grads prefer to stay in Indiana because their delusions of grandeur only stand true amongst other Indiana residents. So if you love to walk bare-foot, drink, rent a pontoon and swim in a lake all without spending too much time in the classroom, IU may be for you!
girl: i went to Indiana university
guy: that explains why you still live with your parents in indiana.
by intellect44 May 16, 2015
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Indiana University is where students inexplicably acquire the psychotic condition of 'delusion of grandeur' soon after enrollment. In addition, sports fans of the school acquire this condition even without ever stepping foot on the campus. What is most disturbing is that this condition is somehow spread to children of the afflicted at an early age. All aspects of life are consumed by this delusion. E.g. the sports teams are considered much better than reality; the school academics are considered much higher rated than reality; and the social atmosphere is considered of a higher reputation than reality. However, the reality is that underachievement is the norm.

This mental condition should elicit feelings of sympathy and compassion. Unfortunately, those afflicted are more often the recipients of ridicule and taunts by everyone around them. As a result, those afflicted tend to form exclusive groups of others with the same disease. This results in irrational reinforcement of their delusional opinions of themselves and the reality outside of their enclaves.

Indiana University's basketball team is 17-8. We are on our way to a national championship baby!

Indiana University's school of psychology ranks in the top 10 of the nation! (as measured by a survey of coeds who participated in a group 'experience your body' session with the professor for extra credit)

My Indiana University girlfriend is ranked #1 in her class. Just ask all her classmates who have spent all night study sessions with her this semester.
by Roberto Loco February 17, 2007
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Located in Indiana: the least significant state in the midwest, if not the entire United States. It is also commonly known as the worst school in the Big Ten Conference. Their major athletic programs include Division I football and basketball, which each managed to win just one conference game in 2008-2009. The university has great business and journalism programs, however the majority of their academic programs do not even compare to other Big Ten Schools such as Northwestern, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and so on. The university itself is somewhat attractive, especially for it notoriously being located in the white trash capital of America. The people are friendly and the party life is above average. Although, of the bars that exist, none compare to those on the campuses of Illinois and Iowa. Basically, Indiana is a school you go to for one week out of the year to enjoy Little 500: a couple days out of the year when students drink and party and Indiana actually has something going for it. If you are considering attending the university, think to yourself, do I want to be a Hoosier? That is after you look up the definition of quite possibly the lamest Division I mascot in the country.
A degree from Indiana University got me a job at McDonald's. Would you like fries with that sir?

I transferred to Ohio State, after just four months at Indiana University.

I went to Indiana University for Little 500, I drank more at the bars at Illinois on Mom's weekend.
by Andy Roffer March 30, 2009
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University in Bloomington, Indiana.
Known for having good basketball teams (bob knight) and bad football teams.


Rival is Purdue.
Billy: "Did Indiana University win the Big 10 Tourney this year?"
Me: "No, they lost by 1 to Ohio St."

by Jack Townshend March 12, 2006
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1. Noun- A school where students spend more time drinking than going to class. Regarded as the greatest party school that ever existed. Home of the Hoosiers, the most beloved sports team in the history of the world. Also home of The Little 500, the greatest party week in the country, where students stay up 7 days straight, don't go to class and collectivly drink more than most schools drink in a year. Known for their amazingly good looking females.

2. Adjective- Used to describe an amazing party where the girls are gorgeous, the alcohol flows like water and the good times roll.
1. I went to Indiana University and got shitfaced for 7 straight days,

2. This party was an Indiana University party
by Mitch Daniels May 3, 2005
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The best school in the country because of its amazing parties and top tier business (Ranked top 10 along with MIT and UPenn), journalism and performing arts programs. Located in Bloomington Indiana, the coolest place in the world. Known as the best school in Indiana, as to Purdue Community College which is the worst. IU has the greatest, most loyal fans in the country...Hoosier fans. Also, student for student, IU students could outdrink and totally kick the crap out of any other students at ANY university in the world.
Indiana University is the #1 Dream School in the country
by Bobby Knight May 30, 2005
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1. The most underrated school in the nation in every aspect. Not only is it the best damn party school in the nation, but it is also a sensational school for academics. It has top ten programs in business, journalism and psychology so never underestimate the Hoosiers. At this remarkable school alcohol is taken down like it is nothing and never stops coming. It is also home to Little 500 which is undoubtedly the most insane week of partying on any college campus in the world. If you are not aware of this then you should get off your ass and come to Bloomington, Indiana to see the best university in the world!
"Indiana University is by far the best place on earth."
by Guy in Ox. Woods September 20, 2005
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