In-vertising is a marketing strategy wherein the target audience is pressured into buying a product or service they may or may not need by the intentional insinuation that the audience member must buy the product in order to retain or boost their social standing. In-vertising is often a multi-part scheme which involves manipulation of pop media to increase the popularity of assets heralded herein to be critical to higher social function, such as a song, catch phrase or brand identification.
Some common examples of in-vertising:

Volkswagon's commercials often use obscure musical pieces, which are then pushed to radio and clubs, thereby becoming popular, having the effect that when people hear the tune they find it familiar and question "where have I heard this?" which leads back to Volkswagen's product, thus gaining market exposure for such product.

Apple uses a similar marketing tactic in which an obscure (or established) piece of music is played while the product is moved about on the screen in a pattern that draws the viewer's attention.

Such ads often employ other attention-drawing tactics such as the use of high contrast images (tagged in most of society's brain as the format for important alerts such as street signs and warning labels) and the repetition of recognizable catch phrases (ie "hi I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC").
by Spirit Bear September 9, 2007
1. The showing off of one's abs in order to let all witness their toned, muscular qualities.

2. Advertising or billboards solely showcasing a model for their abs in order to sell their product.
1. Dude, look at that douche ab-vertising over there on the beach.

2. Check out that Abercrombie & Fitch billboard, complete Ab-vertising.
by steelyhard April 13, 2010
Those tight pants (or shorts) with the writing on the backside that LOTS of girls HAVE to read 'em!
Damn, cuzzint! Peep out dat honey's ass-vertisment!
by E. Ave!!! April 21, 2005
using felines in advertising campaigns to market products.
The agency used a tabby cat named Oscar for their cat-vertising.
by RonJRoy January 26, 2014
Wearing padding to make your butt look better and/or bigger
Guy 1:That girls fine from the back side!

Guy 2:Man, thats a booty pop!
Guy 1:Ugh! Thats false ass-vertisment!
The act of sucking one’s gut in to look more fit than actual.
“The dude that was eating a hotdog by the pool totally sucked in afterwards... That’s false ab-vertisement.”
by robpunzel November 19, 2019