6 definitions by Missing Puzzle Piece

person: funny, cute, sweet.. me: that's so me.
by Missing Puzzle Piece February 25, 2017
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Rebecca has brown hair and blue eyes, her beauty is insane. If you're going through something, she'll comfort you no matter how she feels. She'll be your best friend till the very end and never betray you. Feel lucky if you have a Rebecca in your life.
Friend: Who's Rebecca?
Me: One of the best people in the universe.
by Missing Puzzle Piece April 8, 2018
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with or without it, you're still beautiful.
Im not a girl nor boy. I have no gender.
by Missing Puzzle Piece August 23, 2017
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Mythical bunny creature, usually charactarized to be a human with rabbit ears and a tail. Sorta like a Neko.
I have a Cupa oc named Rachel, she's so cute.
by Missing Puzzle Piece April 1, 2018
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