when you take it right up the ass, especially when medical school professors screw you over in a big way.
That last test was a bitch, they really gave it to us in the six that time.
by salty pirate January 23, 2007
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Signal strength meter on radio, indicating strongest signal. Therefore, to comprehend completely.
I read you six by six.
by oldchief June 16, 2004
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An In n' Out burger with 6 pieces of meat and 6 pieces of cheese.
I could have bought a double double or a three by three, but I instead opted for the six by six because I'm hungry and hardcore
by ayeleleyee June 15, 2004
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A hamburger from In-N-Out with 6 patties and 6 slices of cheese. Very tasty, very big.
"I want a 6 x 6, animal style, with grilled onions"

"Would you like fries with that?"
by el jefe June 11, 2004
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A huge burger from In-n-Out (a western US chain) comprised of 6 patties of meat and 6 slices of cheese. See "double double" and "four by four".
"Welcome to In-n-Out, may I take your order?"
"I'll have a six by six and a vanilla shake."
"That'll be $7.50, fattie"
by duncan June 08, 2004
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