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One of the most retarded terms ever. People mix it between simply having a healthy body, a body thats good for sports, and bodybuilding. Often people good at sports involving running, jumping, and doing flips are considered in shape, but people good at stuff like sumo wrestling are laughed at. A strongman with a bmi of 23% is considered out of shape but a bodybuilder on the verge of death with a bmi of 4% is considered "in shape". In the end there are different types of in shape for certain sports and having a naturally healthy body=/being in shape for a majority of sports, many atheletes aren't in shape, overall.
Person 1:You can't run as long as me in tennis, therefore you are out of shape.
Person 2:But I destroyed you in sprinting, I just burn out quicker than you and are better explosively, I'm more in shape for sprinting.
Person 1:Aren't strongman so out of shape eww.
Perosn 2:Not for their sport, many sports have athletes that aren't healthy in general but are in shape for that specific sport.

Person 1:But bodybuilders are in sooo much better shape.

Perosn 2:No, many of them go to near starvation and have unhealthily low percentages of bodyfats, usually even more unhealthy than strongman, so no, they may make bitches panties wet a lot, but they aren't "in shape".
by Necrozma Beam August 09, 2020
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