An establishment in which hamburgers are bought and sold. Contrary to conventional fast food-ery, In n Out Burgers are sold in the "Double-Double" format.
"He lives in North Hollywood, by the In n Out Burger"
"Yes Donny, we can go to In n Out Burger"
by Colliflower August 16, 2006
1. a good fast food restaurant

2. (slang) Another way of saying double-penetration
person one: hey, you seemed to enjoy yourself last night.

person two: yah , me and johnny gave her the In n out Burger last night.
by thinnoutburgerman June 8, 2009
When you take a shit but clench your ass repeatedly so the shit moves in and out of your anus. Done to simulate what one might feel whilst having their ass fucked
Yo dude, I was taking a mad shit but then started watching some pegging porn whilst sitting on the toilet, so I had an in n out burger whilst imaging what it would feel like for her to fuck my ass!
by Pegboi January 24, 2021
A burger chain that has a very limited menu (double double, hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, milkshakes, sodas) with a secret menu (animal style: extra spread, mustard grilled patties). It's very good, but Californians praise it to death, therefore its also very overrated.
Do you want to eat at In-N-Out Burger for lunch?
No thank you, I'd rather eat somewhere else that has bigger patties
Are you on crack?
by partyrockstar222 December 1, 2016
When 2 gay cockasian men have a gay black man in between them as they rapidly hump eachother going in and out of the butthole and the mouth and doesn’t stop until each of them bends their penis.

The two Caucasian men resemble the buns of the burger and the black man resembles the burnt patty that needs to be glazed with more flavor.

Most likely is suggested to men when they are invited over to play play station with them.
Jim: Hey Jamal wanna come over and make some in n out burger with Brad and I
by Xbox One Player February 21, 2019