Length of time with no direct correlation to the standar sixty seconds. Usually between a couple of days to a few months
by The Raven July 15, 2003
Greg aint been to Dominiques house in a minute.
by mrs. brown January 8, 2006
A unit of time equal to or upwards of one hour.
"Yo man, it's been a minute tho"
"I know man! I haven't seen you in months!"
by J-Pizzle95 June 27, 2013
1. An internationally recognised, standardised measurement of time equalling exactly 60 seconds

2. A long nondescript length of time, always significantly longer than 60 seconds, often representing many hours, days or years
Director: Ok, so in a minute I will need you to set yourself on fire and jump through that window

Stuntman: Got you

*60 seconds later Stuntman sets himself on fire and jumps through window*

*Stuntman lands on uncushioned ground and dies*

Director: Oh shit, that idiot thought I meant 60 seconds when actually I meant several hours, he is such an idiot and deserves to be dead
by Double 2 April 29, 2021
A phrase used to make people think you are going to do what they say 'in a minute', however the task is almost always never done as the person is too lazy. It is most effective when used to piss someone off. Goes well with whining noises.
Simon: Get a life, you prick!
Tabish: In a minute! (moans)
by Tabish April 11, 2006