Phrase used by blacks denoting an extremely long period of time.
Upon sighting a long lost black cousin at the beauty parlor, after the requisite whooping, hollering and screeching:

"Shaneeqwa I ain't seed yo black ass in a MINUTE!" (more screeching, bellowing in delight, hugs) then "When did yo black ass get out the jail house? Yo black ass was up in there for a MINUTE! And I KNOW thess right! We was talking bout yo black ass at the fambly reunion! It sho is goot to see yo black ass!" (more screeching and whooping) "Africa come over here and let me introduce yo black ass to Shaneeqwa! She my cousin from out yonder in South Carolina!" (more screeching, whooping and "lawd hev MERCY!" proclamations over not having seed her in a MINUTE...
by Phillip T. May 16, 2007
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A common term used generally by woman (In there own language) to represent the word 'hour'. The word is designed to confuse the male partner in order to provide the mentally impossible challange of figuring out how the woman is arguing against the undeniable fact that she actually took at least 1 hour to do something in which she said she would only take 1 minute to do, hense the representation
Woman: "I'll just be a minute"

(1 hour later)

Man: "Fuck hun its been at least an hour"
Woman: "Bullshit I only took one minute did you not hear what i said?"
by Red Cheeks Paul May 22, 2009
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Term used talk about a long amount of time concieved by people who are or have ever been high because a minute seems like an eternity when you are not sober.
Guy 1: man i haven't seen you for months... How have you been college boy?

Guy 2: yeah it has been a minute, i'm good yo, just got my pee pee wet
by qwertyqwert2 June 11, 2010
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A vague reference of time which could be a few days or a few weeks. The majority of the users either don't actually know that a minute is a measurement of time or have dumbed down their own brains to the point of not caring that they sound like morons.
That CD has been out for a minute. Which helps a lot when you tell the sales associate, especially when they don't listen to the kind of music in which the CD is classified under.
by Jesster King May 5, 2008
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Minutes is a drinking game of which can be played at anytime. The idea of the game is to stop people making statements of intent that are unrealistic or would be just damn right hilarious! The games is played when someone says a statement of intent when not actually intended to do so. Minutes is then said meaning they have to do it. consequence of not doing the intended is two shots of their choice of liquor. Oklahoma can be said after a statement of intent as a safe word from minutes.
Matt.T "Im going to add minutes to the urban dictionary"
James.R "minutes"
*And here I am because F*** doing two shots on a Thursday morning"
by gold yachts club March 23, 2017
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"Yo man, when can you get here?" "Man, I'm busy, I'm a be there in a minute."
by Sway78 October 5, 2007
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