A short period of time. A minute that seems to go by in a second.
Damn, u don't play, you got here in a blip minute!
by ChrySeA8D8 December 26, 2013
A dumb way of saying "booty call" or "hit it and quit it"
"Hey girl, let me give you a 5 minute drive-by"
"WTF? No"
by Ginjabrd October 4, 2022
when you drink for several days in a row and alcohol is still in your bloodflow so its waayyy easier to get drunk.
yo when i went to floridahh for spring break i had rollover minutes going for a week straight!@!!!!
by Ron Magituarb April 19, 2010
When you finish early with a prostitute and let your friend use the remaining time. Most effectively used by a one titty exposed hand job.
I saved some roll over minutes so my friend could get JOed in the back booth of a pizza joint...
by MC Plan B January 11, 2011
When waiting for a download, upload, etc. and the amount of time on the loading bar is different from the amount time it actually takes to download.
Similar to microwave minutes.
Dexter: "Oh my gosh Jocelyn, I was trying to download 'X-Men First Class' and the loading bar said two minutes, when it actually took fifteen!!"

Jocelyn: "Oh man, I know, internet minutes always fool me."
by Binsky April 27, 2012
about a minute, not quite, maybe more?
i'll be up in a minute-ish
by dude_love February 24, 2014