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when you have a project or anything really due at a certain time and you don’t wanna do it whatsoever, you always say “eh i’ll do it in 10 minutes”. 10 minutes as in an hour before the class that it’s due in.
Friend: hey have you finished that presentation about Australia??
You: eh i’ll do it in 10 minutes
by snoopdoggsbigtoe September 12, 2021
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A drinking game centered around the contemporary classic sitcom Friends.

Participants are recommend to use a lower-percentage drink (i.e. lager or cider), and while watching an episode of Friends, each participant must continuously swig their drink (chug) while Ross is on screen. The game lasts for the first eight minutes of the episode, hence "Eight Minutes of Ross."

Participants must drink regardless of how much of Ross is on screen. Even if just his elbow or the top of his head is on screen, participants must drink.
A: Do you know any drinking games?

B: Erm, do you know Eight Minutes of Ross?

A: I love Eight Minutes of Ross, I couldn't stand up the last time I played that!
by Szam April 27, 2011
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A seemingly long but still short time spent waiting, typically in an uncomfortable scenario.
I was stood outside for a wet minute and it was freezing!
by wetT January 6, 2022
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When you realise that something isn’t right
Me: Wait a minute something ain’t right
by AnonymousDudeLolOk June 3, 2021
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When you're driving with your romantic partner and have to stop at a railroad crossing for a train, then the man pulls his penis out and receives a full finished handjob in roughly two minutes, or for however long the train is crossing.
Dick: "Oh look Jane, a train's crossing!"
Jane: "Hey! Nice! You want a two-minute handjob?"
Dick: "Sure babe!"
by realsuperiorP July 29, 2021
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