a secret organization belived in resserceting the devil and paying off poeple to cause terror also mentioned in prodigys illumanti song and who shot ya
illumanati wants my heart soul and my body secret society trying to keep there eye on me-Prodigy
by trickalick January 6, 2009
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OK so what are we tought when we are young 2+2 which is 4. The next number on the number line is 3 . 3+4 is. 7 and 7+7 is 14 OR!...∆
1.) Doritos are triangle...illumanati confirmed
2.)Attack on titan season 2
3.)An anime better than Gurren Lagann
4.)One Piece ending
5.)Kids playing call of duty
6.)Your mom
by chaoticgameboy965 December 21, 2014
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