ileana is the type of person who can be awkward at times but isnt afraid to be herself..shes absolutely funny and can bring any down momment into a funny one. shes super gorgeous and has a caring heart.she wishes that one guy would like her,eventhough she might not have the chance, she isnt going to wait forever for him to speak up but can caring on like she doesnt have a care for him at all. shes the type of person that you tell anything to and she just always knows what to say...she knows where she stands and wont let anyone stand in her way she will dance to her favorite songs like no one is watching .she knows all the lyrics to just about every song and can sing them out to the world she has an amazing sense of style and puts the HOT in hottie . she may not be popular but she is a very well known person. she may seem like a bitch or possibly look like one but she is the sweetest person you will ever meet,the only time she will go full bitch on you is if you piss her off.
"have you seen ileana ?"

"yeah shes over there dancing"
by bigbootyhoeeee February 12, 2013
a beautiful girl who is caring, outgoing, nice, and sh'es very sweet.but if you tick her off she can be really mean. frickken flirt thoughh she's also very smart.
Bre:i love ileana.
Ileana:aww thank you.!
by YOUWISH.(; April 21, 2011
she's a hot chick with big boobs who likes to party, dance, and men. ocassionally, she may like women. she's also the smartest person you'll ever meet, which seems to not suit her hot body.
I think I saw Ileana yesterday.
Did she have big boobs?
Then it wasn't her.
I want to touch her boobies.
by HeyGirlHeymofo February 5, 2010
Bearer of light from Troy. Shining one
Ileana is the coolest person you will ever meet.

- yea she lights up my world!
by ukwsbs August 11, 2010
Ileana is a super sweet, caring, funny person. She’s quite introverted so you’ll have to get her to open up before you get to see these qualities. She can be quite flirty, but she doesn’t think she is. She is a super awesome girlfriend and tries to be clingy but really isn’t.
Hey, have you seen Ileana?

Yeah, she’s always with her boyfriend anon
by MandoBoi May 27, 2019
The best gf you can have, she is a sweetheart and always know what’s to say. She has the weirdest laughs and it short and has messy hair, really pretty though.
Did you see Ileana, what a cutie!
by Jacob_Up January 24, 2022
She is so pretty, and very kind. She has a nice body with beautiful skin. She is the perfect person so nice and sweet. She has many friends and is willing to protect and stand up for them. They are always defending her from guys and crazy girls. Don't make her mad cause she is always ready for a fight. She has an outgoing personality. Always dancing like nobody's there. Overall just everyone's favorite girl! You wanna be friends with her. She is very trustworthy, always giving good advice.
Danny: Damn who's that girl over there? She hella fine!

Jared: Her name is Ileana, I wanna take her home.

John: Yup she can do more of that dirty dancing.

Serena: That's my friend sicko's so I suggest you guys get the f***k away!
by Thatoneb July 15, 2019