A person that has mental problems. A person that is sick or has a polluted mind.
Dude THAT guy is a sickoo. He just makes mom jokes all the time trying to be cool in front of his friends. =O
by Jake April 22, 2005
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About 70% of the people on this site!
A lot of the people who give definitions to this site are sickos.
by strong badian March 13, 2004
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Someone who is weird and says odd things and is sarcastic and sometimes disturbing
Ori is a sicko
by MadsAA January 31, 2015
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1: A person who is mentally ill (sick)
2: An insult used against anyone with unusual or offensive views.
How can you defend a pedophile you sicko!
by entivore October 06, 2003
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one who is perverse, mentally retarded, a psychopath and just plain weird.
stop staring at my boobies you sicko.
by DBZ fan May 10, 2005
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Sicko meaning, crazy, insane, wicked, cool
Man, This party is gonna be sicko!
by Vanessa_7777 August 03, 2007
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A person/s who will indulge in copious amounts of drugs in one night and continue on getting wasted through the morning and sometimes next night whilst getting up to unusual and amusing antics. This often results in the morning following a rave, dance party, Space Bar or clubbing. Sickos are usually get “sick” in packs and enjoy the company of other sickos whilst they are getting sick. Sickos will usually call on sober friends in the morning to supply more drugs or alcohol as they cant drive or interact with normal members of society. This is known as the “creep-call”. Sickos need constant loud music and cigarettes and of course other drugs to keep the state of sick-ness going.
"What are you up too? Oh just going back to the flat to be a raging sicko .. Nice Ill meet you back there!"

"What are you doing tonight you fuckin sicko?"

"Oh Kev, yeah he's a sicko"

"Stompy is the ultimate sicko."
by sickolady28 October 20, 2008
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