A person that was already a bitch from the start, and continues to be a bitch, never showing that they are anything else.
Damn, this kid is such a full bitch. I’ve never seen him be anything but a bitch.
by bananaquilt March 4, 2019
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Pull a Full Bitch:
My boy devin pulled a full bitch with his girl, he had to text her everyday and she would take hours to respond
by LightskinDaddy July 19, 2018
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Usually a woman or man who is a self centered (bitch) that just cannot be pleased and how their place in society somehow outranks yours.

In the workplace, its the snob that blames other people for their problems and how its hindering their work...

And of course the uppity/stuck up brat (read- bitch) that just won't shut up about how her relationship with some random dude is better than yours
omg, she's so full of bitch

At the watercooler, Andy wouldn't shut up about how everyone around him kept interrupting his research, wow, hes full of bitch today

I overheard Tabby talk to Anna about how her new fantasy boyfriend wipes the table when compared to hers, just a bad case of full of bitch... again
by chachawatcher April 16, 2010
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Definitely a bitch .
Someone who's very mean.
Short term for "Daughter of Satan".

Full of things that will define the life of a bitch.
Oh she's totally a full-blown bitch!

Ugh!Girl, you better stop acting like a full-blown bitch.
by YoIzYoGurlKy9 November 4, 2017
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A big group of sexual partners in rotation.
Papibwai: Are you doing that girl?
Hector: That big booty girl and the skinny one are with me too...
Papibwai: damn, you have a stable full o' bitches. Respect.
by Papibwai January 29, 2012
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