7 definitions by The Big H

The "offical" name of North Korea, contains 3 lies.
In The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, they will re-educate your ass if you so much as don't keep your required pictures of Kim Il Song dusted.
by The Big H April 26, 2005
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NTSC is the video standard for North America, and is inferior to PAL (Western Europe).
NTSC stands for "Not The Sharpest Colors"
by The Big H April 29, 2005
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I like Ike. - Common campaign slogan of his preidential campaign.
by The Big H February 19, 2005
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A shoe which I would not be caught dead wearing.
Parents who buy heelys for their kids should be lined up against a wall and shot dead.

Parents who wear heelys themselves should be drawn and quartered.
by The Big H April 16, 2007
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A slang term for the head of a penis, because they look similiar; specifically German WWII (Nazi) Army and SS Helmets.
Proof that Nazi's are literally dickheads.
by The Big H February 19, 2005
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Word used when you are going to smoke weed with a group of people.
Combination of cyph and chief.
Invented by Harrison argiento
Harrison: hey man I just copped a dub want to go chife.
Alex: bro what that’s not a word
by The Big H July 6, 2018
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An inferior Graphing calculator. The Casio 9850 is far superior.
I laugh when my friends drop their TI and the cheap ass battery cover breaks and the batts fall out and all their games are lost.
by The Big H February 20, 2005
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