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An obnoxious, childish Internet user who habitually abbreviates and misspells words.
Ryan: i dont liek teh wai u speek 2 me y r u so meen???

Eric: Because I don't like iggs.
by M K Hartwell March 20, 2008
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derived from the word "ignore".

The act of placing someone on your ignore list, or blocking someone from joining in conversation with you online. Originally ment for instant message conversations or certain chat rooms where an "ignore button" is an option. The term has recently been used for offline situations as well.

The act of ignoring someone. Not returning a them.

What one does after a one night stand if the other person is insanely ugly.
"Girl, this guy was a real psycho... so I had to igg 'em".
by xCOBRA_CLUTCHx March 29, 2004
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In game gold. Used in internet gaming communities as short hand for the currency of whatever game.
I'll give you 10 million IGG for that sword.
10m IGG@ that item.
by Wince Farcock July 25, 2012
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An expression to describe any negative mood, feeling, exhasperation, or tone that one wishes to express
1) Igg! Guys i just failed my road test.

2) Today was just igg, because i burned my mouth eating soup.
by Malti Jones August 23, 2005
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(noun) some one is that is being extremely stupid.

(verb) someone who is failing at life.
The woman who invited the guy who almost drowned her kid to the birthday party is being such an igg

There is a reason that you only got 68 points in an entire game of bowling, you igged up
by Bored Camp Counselor August 10, 2012
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