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Someone who is referred to as a NiggerFaggot and or a GayRetard.
Did you se the new video idubbbz posted? He was a real NiggerFaggot!
by DubDalton May 25, 2016
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A gayretard (aka niggerfaggot) on youtube known for making cancerous content such as Bad Unboxing and Kickstarter crap.

He also keeps the internet clean from people like Jinx.
Person 1: Did you hear about that gayretard on youtube?
Person 2: You mean idubbbz, what about him?

Person 1: He got cancer
Person 2: Heyyy, that's pretty good.
by ReactWorld September 13, 2016
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the sexiest nigger faggot alive; also ended tana mongeau's youtube channel
Jill: "Wow! Is that guy who ended Tana's youtube channel? He really is a sexy nigger faggot."
John: "Oh yeah that's iDubbbz! He exposed Tana Mongoose for being a hypocritical bitch!"
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by gsmitty9 February 06, 2017
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Idubbbz a Internet meme he is also known for his YouTube Chanel idubbbz he is well known for the meme where he jumps down in a green suit thing and says (I'm gay) or (I have crippling depression) or (aye that's pretty good) and (I have osteoporosis )
Did you see that new video idubbbz uploaded
by Meme master 6969696969 April 05, 2017
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Idubbbz is a famous youtuber for making memes such as "im gayyy" and "i have osteoporosis" he is legit my bae❀️And is so sexy in his green suit
Idubbbz is soo fit
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by Idubbbzfan August 10, 2017
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