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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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Idubbbz a Internet meme he is also known for his YouTube Chanel idubbbz he is well known for the meme where he jumps down in a green suit thing and says (I'm gay) or (I have crippling depression) or (aye that's pretty good) and (I have osteoporosis )
Did you see that new video idubbbz uploaded
by Meme master 6969696969 April 05, 2017
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"Did you hear iDubbbz say he is okay with his girlfriend opening an onlyfans account!?
-"Oh really, what a total simp!"
"Not really he is still fucking her, the simps are the ones giving her money
-"Good point'
by ChickenChad March 29, 2020
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iDubbbzTV (AKA Ian, iDubbbz, iDubby, Green alien, that guy who collabbed with filthyfrank, GayRetard, NiggerFaggot) is a Jewtuber who makes pretty decent videos including bad unboxing, content cop and formerly kickstarter crap. He currently has 7,95 million subscribers and his channel has been growing wildly during the last few years.

Recently he lost ~20k subs because "original geniuses" dislike his unpopular opinion about something and call him a simp because everyone else does it. Basically for some reason they care that iDubbbz's girlfriend gets shitloads of money from idiots (including most of them) by using a site called OnlyFans for selling lewd (not nude) pictures.

iDubbbz made a video titled "Sex-workers - idubbbz complains" which was a pretty shitty response that didn't really do anything other than bring more attention to this pile of garbage.

iDubbbz's content has become different (aka worse) in the last few months, he hired an editor, dropped from 60 to 30fps and the video topics are usually nonsense stretched to 10 minutes, but there might be some hope for him as a second documentary like Full Force is coming and also a new content cop should be coming soon.
Timmy: Hey you know iDubbbz? he's a simp loser XD LOL.
Joe: Oh fuck billy get the shotgun, timmy has become a normie.
by Jamal_Yasnpokj April 17, 2020
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