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"It's just a plain piece of paper with the word "niggerfaggot" on it"

by ALEX is a... January 17, 2017
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The horrible moment when you realise that you have accidentally done something very slightly wrong which has very bad (usually embarassing) implications for you. This is typically the moment of realisation that you just sent a dirty text message to a close member of family, typically your mother, rather than the intended recipient.
Message: "i'm free this afternoon so come over and fuck me senseless, my parents will be out all day"
Recipient: Mum
Message Sent
- Onosecond occurs here -
by Jimmed September 26, 2006
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1. An Black person who is Gay.
2. A Niggerfaggot, its self explanatory.
"Hey look at that Niggerfaggot."
Damn Niggerfaggots, taking over America.
by NathanMarton February 09, 2009
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-One of the worst insults known to man.
- Someone who is or is simultaneously acting like a nigger and a faggot.

synonyms- pineapple
Get that niggerfaggot out of here!
by N1GG3RFAGG0+ January 03, 2010
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Originating from the Greco-Roman Nigger and the Latin-based Faggot. Niggerfaggot.

It's also a synonym for pineapple
(no, not really, no)

original pronunciation: NIGGERFAGGOT!
example 1.
person 1: Your word... is Niggerfaggot
person 2: sorry what?

example 2.
Niggerfaggot. GET THAT NIGGERFAGGOT OUT OF HERE. Niggerfaggot

example 3.
person 1: uhmm you are the last one standing, an-and the world of written words there is no higher-
person 2: Niggerfaggot. N-I-G-G-E-R-F-A-G-G-O-T. Niggerfaggot
person 1: that is correct.
by Viktor_the_A March 18, 2017
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The defenition is NIGGERFAGGOT!
Get that niggerfaggot ou of here!
by dgfhrt January 19, 2008
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