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Former police officer (Content cop, also known as iDubbbz) who brings justice to the Youtube community. He researches everything he needs against the victim and then roasts the shit out of them (while doing it calm and clever). Mainly the victims are cancerous or useless content creators who most of the people don't like.
Guy: Hey do you know TechRax?
Me: Bro, he got arrested by the Content cop, of course I know him
Guy: *thinking of something clever* Oh're a faggot
by Child-support man March 12, 2017
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The death sentence of YouTube, Content cop is a series created and produced by YouTuber Ian Carter better known by his channel’s name: idubbbztv. Individuals met with the terrible fortune of being targeted by content cop include: Tana Mongoose, Ricegum, Keematar, Jinx, Leafyishere, extra... Content cops are infamous for entailing sudden subscriber drops and a negitive like to dislike ratio.
Hey niggerfaggot did you see the new content cop on Mel Gibson?
by To Jeff or not to Jeff March 12, 2018
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A series made by IDubbbzTv that focuses around talking about YouTubers content and why it's bad.
Guy: Did you see the new content cop?
Guy 2: Yeah. It was pretty cool
by IG: i_stole_your_kids January 23, 2018
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