Humor that is made up of intentionally offensive ironic jokes that are told/posted for the shock value and/or the facetiousness of the subject. Used mostly by teenagers on reddit or 4chan. Not usually intended to be taken literally.
9/11 jokes are a good example of edgy humor.
by JohnWikck March 15, 2019
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Definition 1: See post by JohnWikck

Definition 2: A derogatory term for anything from memes & old Youtube Poops to vintage stand-up comedy, & classic British sitcoms, used by both "woke" youth & out-of-touch seniors who still laugh at fart jokes & think Minions was a good movie. Basically, any intentionally offensive & mean spirited humor they can't understand or take too seriously, as well as reference-based humor they are out of the loop on.
Every day both the Old Media has a new hot take on "edgy humor" while the SJWs have a new petition trying to ban it.
by ThatEvilRedhead April 05, 2019
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An excuse men make when they get called out for being offensive or just plain out disrespectful towards any race, religion, gender, etc.
Boy: women are useless and are only good for cooking and taking care of children.

Girl: that’s not funny, it’s pretty degrading and disrespectful to be honest.
Boy: Chill, it’s just edgy humor you snowflake
by Urreallyfuckingannoying July 03, 2020
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