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Idiotic administrator or public official whose only purpose seems to be creating and upholding useless and arcane beaurocracy. They have no skills other than wasting time and money.
How will the idiocrats in Washington blow my tax dollars this year?
by The Voice of Reason July 01, 2005
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Someone who seems like a character from the movie Idiocracy. Someone who's mean & stupid.
Whats the difference between idiot & idiocrat?
Idiots are/can be mature, nice, generous, respect smart people, & be intelligent in other areas.
Idiocrats are immature, mean, selfish, & have no respect for smart or logical people.

An idiocrat is someone with the brain of a 12 year old gangster with a forrest gump iq, thinks all smart people are fags, easily develops a pack mentality around other idiots, never uses logic, is an asshole, only laughs at the crudest humor, etc.
I can tolerate stupid people that are nice & mean people that are smart, but I have no patience with idiocrats.

Jr highs, ghettos, trailer parks, & the military are infested with idiocrats.
by DarthVegeta July 10, 2013
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An idiocrat is an intelligent deliquent in organized, creative, random and talented stuff.
Did you see Daphne and Petunia's performance last night?
OMG, yes! They are such idiocrats! :)
by TheeLoveLeeDuckling June 02, 2016
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