That asshole ditched me on our date, and I had to go home with an ice box.
by JRae April 26, 2005
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lady blue balls, often induced by encounters with untalented/drunk guys.
After taking me to see House of Wax, that slut Gunter started jabbing at my delicates like a blind neurosurgeon. I tried to come; unfortunately Gunter is about as familar with women as he is with movies that don't suck, so I had to waddle home with an ice box. If only he had given me the Dirty Scotsman.
by SmallyK May 18, 2005
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old school for "refigerator" orgin: The ice truck would come every morning to bring a big block of ice to keep your shit cold during that day.
by the greenskeeper July 22, 2004
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To deny a woman sex. The female equivalent of blue balls.
She was working me all night, but I wasn't having it. I had to ice box her.
by Chip Z'hoyy August 5, 2011
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I. A girl that doesnt put out.
II. A girl that has a lack of natural secretions to keep your motion lubricated.
Man your girl friend had an ice box.
by Jason February 7, 2003
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The morgue, more specifically the storage bin they put the bodies in. Related to the term put on ice.
Bobby was a tough guy till he ended up in the ice box.
by Jacob Parker April 20, 2005
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1. a prison

2. to reject sexually, especially when done by a woman to a man

3. a figurative place where someone or something is held in reserve

4. a very cold place
He says she ice boxed him but she says that neither of them mentioned sex. (example of ice box)
by The Return of Light Joker January 25, 2010
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