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when a guy goes down on a girl on her period, and receives a red moustache/beard combo as a result
I was all like, Gunter, I'm totally on the rag, and he's all like, sweet. So I gave him the dirty scotsman
by SmallyK February 10, 2005

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lady blue balls, often induced by encounters with untalented/drunk guys.
After taking me to see House of Wax, that slut Gunter started jabbing at my delicates like a blind neurosurgeon. I tried to come; unfortunately Gunter is about as familar with women as he is with movies that don't suck, so I had to waddle home with an ice box. If only he had given me the Dirty Scotsman.
by SmallyK May 17, 2005

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The chance meeting at the Y between Aunt Flo and your boyfriend's face, evocative the red facial hair of the Scots.
Synonymous with the Dirty Scotsman,red wings
You would think Gunter would have learned his lesson after last month, but he thinks he looks best sporting the Highlander, and I'm more than happy to help.
by SmallyK May 17, 2005

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