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A) meth (stimulating narcotic)
B) a dank ass type of chronic
C) jewelery, particularly jewels/gems like diamonds

there's probably a lot of different meanings, but these are pretty common.
A) often responsible for disgusting holes on your face & body, as well as grody teeth; also one of the most addicting drugs
B) gorgeous bud that literally looks icey because of all the crystals; gets you wayy past faded, out of your body, mind & zone. usually results in a kb coma where you can sleep for over 2O hours & still be tired when you wake up
C) something i have none of because i'm poor (; ...& i spend all my money on B.
by Lil KB January 07, 2009

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That bastard llama that appears by your door next to that slutty ostrich while you're balls to the wall tripping on NyQuil.
Can be quite rude & makes jokes at inappropriate times.
This is no time for jokes, NyQuilLama. When will you learn.
by Lil Kb March 10, 2009

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