ell oh ELLED Past tense of LOL. i.e. if LOL means laugh out loud, LOL'D means laughed out loud.
by Kidd Daj November 03, 2013
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To 'lol' in past tense form; to jizz in your pants in a comedic sense.
I lol'd when my friend Lucy compared "Where's Waldo" to looking for Hindu kids in a show.
by InZaneinBrain March 01, 2010
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Another way of making yourself look like a bigger idiot on message boards by taking the famous "lol"(laughing out loud) and adding a D to it. Used by people who don't want to say "I laughed hard".
by Mustacio August 16, 2007
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"Is the server still down...?"
"Yeah, it's lol'd..."
by Hic April 04, 2005
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The verb for the phrase lol. People, mainly on the internet, use it to say that they laughed at a particular thing.
Person 1: This picture is hilarious.
Person 2: (Looks at picture.) Wow, i lol'd.
Person 1: Who says that?
Person 2: lol.
Person 1: Argh, my spots just came back
Person 2: I lol'd at your face.
by JoshPlymouth February 07, 2008
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