To 'lol' in past tense form; to jizz in your pants in a comedic sense.
I lol'd when my friend Lucy compared "Where's Waldo" to looking for Hindu kids in a show.
by InZaneinBrain March 01, 2010
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Past form of the verb lol. To lol but in the past.
"Hey remember when I rhinocerous punch'd you??"
"Yes, that was funny, I lold so hard but it still hurt."
by Mobob April 17, 2007
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a play on words of lol and old for something thats funny but also old referring to someone posting a link to something that many people already viewed
noob: hey check this link out _____
joe: lold
by Uncle Sam December 08, 2006
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Acronym for "laughing out loud, disturbingly".
Robin: We played for 3 hours straight, but I did not even win ONE race.

AnnTorill: lold. You suck.
by baxinator June 29, 2011
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Another way of making yourself look like a bigger idiot on message boards by taking the famous "lol"(laughing out loud) and adding a D to it. Used by people who don't want to say "I laughed hard".
by Mustacio August 16, 2007
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