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Commercialistic, bullshit "holiday" created by big candy & flower companies which only serves to make single people feel even more lonely than they already are & people in relationships stressed out on what gifts to buy...as if buying someone some fucking candy on Feb 14th (of ALL 365 days of the year) REALLY makes such a GREAT statement of love. Fuck outta here...

Depression& suicide are also known to go up during this time of year.
"OMG! Why didn't you get me anything for Valentines Day??!

Bitch, I can buy you flowers & candy anyday. Stop being so damn commercial & materialistic."
by Just The Facts February 07, 2006

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When more gum than tooth shows in your smile
"Ugh, what an ugly smile, horrible tooth to gum ratio."
by Just The Facts April 16, 2006

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A micro drive MP3 player made by Creative. Comes in 10 different colors (more than the iPod Mini). First models were 5 GB but new 4 & 6 GB models are now available. Also has a blue backlit trim which glows when the 12 hour, removable, rechargeable battery is charging. Those who haven't been brainwashed by Apple know the Zen Micro is the superior MP3 player.
"Why move around in circles to find the song you want? It's all about vertical navigation!"
by Just The Facts March 20, 2005

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Music service provided by Apple for use with the Apple iPod. Also a useless, piece of shit program with a somewhat limited amount of platforms supported (Only for Win XP, 2000 & Mac, Win ME & 98 users are left in the dark). Also a waste of time considering you can download music for FREE using programs such as Limewire or WinMX.
John: Hey, wanna go grab something to eat?
Fred: Nah, gots no money left. Spent it all buying songs off iTunes.
John: I told yo stupid ass to use Limewire. Oh well, it's yo dough...
by Just The Facts March 20, 2005

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A WWE wrestling program that airs on UPN every Thursday nights. Features stars such as John Cena, Eddie Guererro, Rey Mysterio, JBL & The Undertaker. Many wrestling fans see this show as inferior to WWE's other show, Raw which airs on Spike TV every Monday night.
"It's time for Smackdown! Give me the fuckin' remote!"
by Just The Facts March 20, 2005

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To perform extremely well in something and subsequently fall from grace with such amazing speed it makes one's head spin.

Originated from Eddie Murphy's performance in the excellent "Dreamgirls" to his current piece of shit film "Norbit"
How does one go from one great movie to such a shitty movie so quickly?

Joe used to be the leading scorer on this basketball team...now he puts up enough bricks to build a shelter for the homeless. This nigga pulled a Norbit, BIG time.
by Just The Facts February 25, 2007

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Black version of a peeping tom. Since blacks generally are not as well off as whites financially, they have no access to fancy telescopes and binoculars. Peeping Tyrones usually use much simpler and cheaper forms of peeping such as pretending to be blind and "accidentally" sneaking into the woman's locker room.
I heard trey perverted ass got banned from the gym the other day for wandering into the woman's locker room acting like he was blind. Everybody know that nigga ain't blind. What a peeping Tyrone!
by Just The Facts December 04, 2016

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