Apples latest attempt to bury the battery so deep in the innards of their latest anti-consumer piece of shit that you'll never get it out on your own... which is good for them, because now they can gouge you for a battery replacement, which is conveniently close to the price of a replacement player.

You pay a fortune for something you don't actually own. You're only leasing it from Apple, who'll milk you yearly until you're good and sore. One day Apple will produce cars - they'll weld the gas cap shut.

The Apple FanBoy Sheeple will defend the move as a "feature".

Ipod Touch: Bend over.
by TArne February 10, 2009
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the #1 thing that people with iPhones hate, unless they also have an ipod touch.

iphone - phone - sms - 3g = ipod touch

easiest way to tell the difference is whether or not there is a speaker on the top part.
"hey is that an iphone?"
"nope, just an ipod touch"
"damn ipods..."
by diudiudiudiudiu March 29, 2009
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Also called "iTouch"

This piece of amazing shit is everything on an iPhone, but without the phone. Really dumb, but George Bush likes it to watch porn while not being interrupted by a phone ringing.

Dude: I like fapping to porn off of my iPod Touch

Dudette: OMG, WTF. Wouldn't you rather have sex with me and hold my boobs instead of that piece of shit???
by Gobama! December 30, 2008
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a despicable sex act, crossing a chili dog with an angry dragon and a strawberry shortcake. The man defecates between the woman's breasts and proceeds to titifuck her using the fecal matter as lubricant. The woman finishes the man off with her mouth, and when the man has ejaculated he punches her in the stomach and then the nose, which mixes his ejaculate with her blood on her face. The man then proceeds to eat it as if at a normal meal, entree (chili) then dessert (strawberry shortcake)
Bro 1: dude i totally ipod touched your mom last night
Bro 2: dude you're fucking sick
Bro 1: she suggested it
by Inuyashaz May 01, 2009
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The new iPod that can browse internet, buy songs from itunes store, listen to music, and look at photos all while regretting that you should've bought an iPhone instead.
At $300, why whouldn't you pop another benjamin to get an iPhone? Or maybe save a benjamin and get yourself a nano with the same amount of memory, which does all the cool things but you can't grope it with your fingers. Who uses wi-fi anyways? iPod Touch sux.
by I want an iPhone September 11, 2007
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crApples latest attempt to make a highly over priced, fragile peice of shit aimed at people with out brain cells.
because you cant think for yourself

ipod touch
by what the hells a pseudonym? March 04, 2009
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Worsest piece of junk ever made. If too many tabs on Safari are open, it crashes and goes back to home screen.
I was in the middle of reading stuff on my iPod touch and then i had to go back to Safari to continue reading. It sucks!!!
by Windows10Hater September 04, 2012
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