When the girl needs some milk so a boy gotta milk her(as in the boy fucking her brains out)
Girl1- I need sex
Boy2- Girl come here and let me milk you
Me: haaaa you need some milk :ppp
by FuckmyBrokoly June 18, 2017
When someone beats the very ego of your soul to pulp. Typically leaving you senseless and with a false sense of overwhelming disruption of emotion.
She won’t be direct, talk to me tell me what she needs; contentment? When I know it isn’t commitment, is her obligation really more urgent that of mine is? My delirium a bit, optimistic intrinsic. I’m long for her in my wish but I’m spaced, Incase a barrierors I no longer look to break. Friend: She’s milk you dry bro, sorry to say. Your wasting your time on someone who doesn’t want to be loved.
by Titus dyfilid February 18, 2019
A meme that was originated from Markiplier's saying "I can milk you".
I can milk you.
by BSposts July 7, 2020
A meme Originated from Markipliers saying "I can milk you".
*looks at cow* I can milk you.
by BSposts July 7, 2020
Stemming from a mix up of the two phrases, "Before you buy the car, you gotta take it for a test drive," and "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free," this phrase is interchangeable with the former. You would say this if your friend wants to remain abstinent until after marriage.
Brad: CLAIRE! You can't marry him without doing the deed. What are you thinking? You gotta taste the sweet milk before you get the cow! Straight from the teet, Claire. Come on!
by EdlowetArus April 25, 2020