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The crime of stealing electronic music players and/or other electronic media. Derived from the surge of I-Pod related thefts in recent years.
I was the victim of an i-jacking when my MP3 player was stolen from my car.
by LuLu1972 August 01, 2007
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When somebody joins your conversation and changes it to make it completely about them.
I was talking to Holly at the party the other night and then Nicole totally came and started I-jacking.
by xSupernovaax September 14, 2009
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When your listening to your iPod, minding your own buisness and someone comes up, grabs your iPod without asking to see what song your listening too, and in some cases accidentally turns up the volume to turn on the light, making you deaf. They then return your iPod to you saying "sorry" as if it makes it better.
Why the heck are you iJacking me?

dude, this girl iJacked me and i cant hear out of my left ear now
by Kevin Garcia June 28, 2006
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