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To have one's Identity stolen, as in hijacked.
I paid for my 3 rolled taco combo with my credit card, and the cashier stole my credit card number and I-jacked my identity.
by McJohnson June 22, 2006

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A Harriet Tubman is a spliff that is rolled with weed and that all natural Native American tobacco. It is rolled using two papers that are put together in a "V" formation and then rolled into a cone. A Tubman is usually used for more relaxation purposes then to get high, which comes from the tobacco in it. Usually called a "Harriet" or a "Tubman" rather then both words together. Also Known as a Henry, a Jah, or an Iroquois.
"Max rolled the craziest Harriet Tubman last night and after we smoked it everyone fell asleep."
by McJohnson February 18, 2006

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