(n.) The act of sweat when asleep, upon waking up the feeling of being "cold".

Usually someone has cold sweats when they are anxious before going to bed
Janine usually wakes up in cold sweats during the night because she is anxious to see her boyfriend ryan again.
by Senor Leapord February 21, 2011
The type of feeling when you're high as f*ck and try to focus on not dying.
Dude, I'm high af. I think I'm gonna have a cold sweat episode. I need water.
by Toke? September 7, 2015
To wake up in a cold sweat is to wake up suddenly in the middle of the night due to the remembering of an anxious moment in your life.
Man last night night I woke up in a cold sweat remembering how those gangsters last summer almost decided to off me!
by Yongundong April 25, 2017