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a song popular in the mid 90's preformed by the rapper skee-lo
i wish is the best song ever
by Guinea Pig April 10, 2005
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Someone who may be of some Irish decent, but was not born in Ireland and doesn't have an Irish last name, yet fully associates and acts as if he or she were full blood Irish.
Even though Robb went all out for St. Patrick's Day, he was born in Connecticut, and is therefore Iwish.
by TShip May 06, 2009
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A name used to describe any MP3 players that resemble iPods. Often half-heartedly bought and obviously shows the buyer's need for an iPod.
Guy: What kind of MP3 players IS that? Just get an iPod, don't buy an iWish.
by Wingman, 1st Degree August 12, 2006
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R Kelly fan and someone who especially likes this inparticular song.
Mr. G and Laura B have dedicated this song for each other as an eternal meaning of their great friendship.
by Gareth November 11, 2004
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