A being of higher power and biggest of brains
Why is this guy so strong
Idk hes a Mr. G
by SMC_Dictionary September 30, 2019
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The only ok teacher in everest rated pe teacher but his trim is not rated.
Mr g is not fresh
by Its.scr November 20, 2019
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A teacher who tends to be normaly alright with the actions of her students, she is laid back, cool, and usually good looking.
NOTE:She doesn't approve of things that physicaly hurt students, like fights or peircings in class
Dude, Mrs Gonzales is such a Mrs G, right?
by Newhouse2013 May 14, 2010
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A funny comedic actor who features in tv show summer hill high and also Mr G the movie, he is known for catchy song:Party Girl
Party girl by Mr G
shes a naughty girl with a bad habit,
a bad habit for drugs.
shes a party girl with a bad habit,

a bad habit for drugs.
(exctacy exctacy eeee exctacy)
by WhatTheFuckIsUpKyleNoWhatDidYo December 16, 2017
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a man with a green shirt and a buzzcut.

often times wears same color as money.
“Yo who do you have for Junior Seminar?”
“I got that Mr. G dawg”
by mrgfavstudent September 16, 2021
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This is the guy you go to for anything. Need some bitches on your dick? YOU NEED MR. G! Need some money to get the mob off your back? YOU NEED MR. G! Simply need a bag of donuts? YOU NEED MR. G!
Student: god damn I'm hungry!
Student 2: Me too, I really need something in my system.
Students: YYYYEEESS!!! Thanks Mr G!!
by Simba69420 October 7, 2021
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The best teacher you will ever meet. He does not care if you are on your phone in class. If you ever have a teacher named mr g, you treat him best of the best. I talked in an indian accent all day once and he did not care AHAHAH.
Damn Hello mr g gets it everyday
by Vishne October 26, 2020
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