Similar to the phrase "I am just jerking your chain". This phrase is said after you let someone know that what you said previous to the phrase itself was simply in jest, and you were trying to get a rise out of them.
Many confuse this phrase to mean the sexual pleasing of a horse with one's hand. However it refers to the jerking of the reins of the horse.
Sam: Holy shit, Thomas you better get outside someone is towing your car.

Thomas: Oh fuck!

*Thomas runs out, comes back a minute later*

Thomas: What the hell man! My car is fine.

Sam: Relax man I am just jerking your horse, plus I wanted your spot on the couch.
by L K-9 January 21, 2016
When somebody says “ Everything is simply a shape, a form, an identifier to let others recognize me as me! But then, what am I? Is this me? My true self? My fake self? What is it that I am? Nobody understands me!” You just go “ I am you, I am just like you. That’s why I was attached to you. I wanted to give you happiness. I’m sorry I misunderstood your happiness.”
by drunkgirl1997 December 13, 2021
when some one says this phrase it means they are speechless
person 1: did you know that flies have no eyes, my friend told me that
person 2:i am just....
person1:just what?
by arachnophobe March 2, 2018
Your too lazy aint ya?
Teacher:What wrong
Kid:i just am
by Linteokit2 September 20, 2021